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Native American Flute Song Book This section of pages make up the Flutopedia Song Book. Most of these songs are scored using Nakai Tablature with Finger diagrams. The songs of a people furnish an entrance to their inner life, which, if we would understand them, we cannot neglect. This is especiaI1y true of a barbarous people, whose outward life is rough and forbidding. Taking the truer method, we find the Dakotas to be men and women of like passions with ourselves. 1aintive melodies of love, or the weird chants of their sacred mysteries. The Louisiana Native American Flute Circle web site, maintained by Paula and Byron Ellis.

Traditional Native American Indian Song Collection web site. PDF under a Creative Commons license. The hardcopy songbooks listed in the Songbook References page on this site. It’s not my goal to replace these resources or duplicate their efforts. My direction is to connect the songs with their history and stories. Historical and Archaeological These songs have a history that pre-dates the written history of Western and North American indigenous cultures.

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They are included in Flutopedia because I have found them to be interesting from the perspective of the historical development of human musicality. These songs include some songs from the Indianist movement that have traditional roots. The Indianist Movement I consider these songs to be part of the Indianist Movement. Some have roots in traditional Native American melodies and were harmonized or heavily modified by the arranger, and some are original, non-traditional melodies developed by the composer.

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