Cesmm3 handbook pdf free download

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Tviz gilsp hecuere eya byc’m joxg sa. Idea Get an idea from problems in your own life. If you don’t have problems that are original enough, become a more original person. Don’t build products that are solutions in search of a problem. Build Build your idea with the tools you already know.

Don’t spend a year learning some language you’ll never use. Don’t outsource building to other people, that’s a competitive disadvantage. Launch Launch early and multiple times. But also remember to find where your specific audience hangs out on the internet and launch there.

A great product that people really need which is better than the rest will pull people in. You don’t need ads for that. Don’t hire people if there’s no revenue yet. Don’t hire many people if there’s revenue either. Monetize Monetize by asking users for money. Be honest that you need money to build the product they love and they’ll be fine paying for it.

Automate Automate by writing programs that do stuff that you do repeatedly. Only automate if it’s worth the time saved. For stuff that’s too hard to automate or not worth it, hire contractors. Let them work as autonomously as possible. Ethics Not a chapter but important: be ethical, and don’t cut corners on ethics.

You’ll be rewarded by not doing dodgy stuff like spamming, manipulating your users into doing stuff, growth hacking your search rankings or faking your social media, or abusing your power to compete unfairly if you’re successful. If you make a good product, you don’t need any of this. If you make mistakes, own up to them and say sorry. Homework Homework: Each chapter ends with homework exercises that you can do. Instead of just reading, I’d like you to use this book as a handbook while actually building and shipping a product.

It doesn’t matter if it fails. But you need to do something instead of just read! I’ve met hundreds, maybe thousands of people while doing this. And it wasn’t possible without the help of a lot of people.

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