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Please forward this error screen to 182. If you look at these CMA exam pass rates, you cma study material pdf be surprised. For Part 1, it stays more or less the same every year. 2015, but slowly got back to the 2014 level by mid 2016.

We analyze the performance in Part 1 and Part 2 in more detail. 4 year period, but if you exclude Middle East, the statistics looks much better. I don’t have details on the sudden jump in Asia pass rate. Chinese candidates, or the weighted average figure. They represented the vast majority of Asian candidates in 2015. Also, the CMA exam comprises not only multiple choice questions but also an essay section that are graded by human examiners. One evidence can be found in China where candidates can choose to take the CMA exam in English or in Chinese, as mentioned above.

The 7 percentage point difference is statistically significant. In light of this, international candidates should therefore work on practicing English writing as part of the exam preparation. The data reveals that the pass rate of Part 2 is considerably higher, and even more significant in the non-English speaking regions. Candidates outside of the US may not be familiar with how the multiple choice questions are written and also, if their native language is not English, it is hard to score well in the essay section. CPA exam where candidates must take a substantial number of accounting and business courses.

The low barrier of entry attracts candidates who just want to give it a try. These casual takers do not invest sufficient time, money and effort to properly prepare for the exam. CMA exam is much higher than this average statistics. Now, How do YOU Increase Your Chance of Success? Don’t miss my mega post on the ultimate CMA exam prep guide, with 50 actionable tips to help you nail the exam! For more information and updates on the CMA exam, please consider signing up to my e-course which is completely free. You can learn about the mini-course here or sign up directly below.

I think that language is the only problem that faces me and thank u so much for mini course because it help me so much to understand some points I couldn’t understand. I guess it depends whether you want to improve your reading or writing skills. This is a great encouragement for all the aspiring CMAs! 1 and i am woozy mind how to study it study or resolve more examples ? I would like to inquire about salaries of the CMA holders in USA or any other place in the world. You can take a look at that for now? Thanks Stephanie I appreciate your efforts.

Sure Mohammed you are most welcome! So kindly gentlemen,if i am working as a chief accountant on Egypt, and passing CMA exam and became certified. Is it enable me to work in USA and Canada in a good suitable position. While i have fluency in English cause i am working in a multinational company and my business language is English. I do appreciate your prompt response. Getting the CMA will help you recognized in companies around the world especially in the US.

For Canada, they have their own CMA certification but getting that requires studying within Canada, which could be hard to do. So getting back to your question, while it helps I wouldn’t say it will guarantee you any jobs there. If you are working in a multinational company it will likely easier if you request for an opportunity to transfer to the US or Canadian regional office for a temporary exchange. If people there like you enough they will more likely offer you a permanent position. Canada in my opinion, and I have readers who have done that. Hi Amir, this is a good point — I should mention it somewhere above. The scoring is 0-500 and the minimum score is 360.

2 of cma exam and i’m finding it so much harder than part 1. Hope the higher overall pass rate will give you some encouragement! Tin I am sorry to tell you that I haven’t found anything that is free regarding the CMA exam, and I don’t expect to find any honestly unless someone is willing to lend you a copy of the book. Anyway the value, in my opinion, is in the test prep software. I will still stick to working on those practice questions if your budget doesn’t allow another test prep provider. I know this is a cliche advice but it does work for me and quite a few of my readers.

Good luck to your Part 2! I personally think it is not as hard in comparison, because CPA is a lot broader and I especially dreaded REG especially the US taxation section. For CMA it’s more like an expanded BEC and some CFA materials. I guess it also depends on your own background.