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Please forward this error screen to sharedip-10718051242. The luxury brands sector encompasses the fashion and retail industry, as well as sectors such as tourism, hospitality, food and beverage, film, digital media, dance, music and theatre. This MA debates the concept of luxury in a historical and cross cultural context, and offers a strong concept of consumer behaviour pdf underpinning on theories of luxury and consumption.

You will explore the role of luxury in conserving traditional arts, especially with regard to Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. The programme combines formal teaching with dissertation research, underpinned with visits to key luxury brand enterprises in London and elsewhere, and draws on Goldsmiths’ alumni for inspirational talks. This programme offers practice based assignments and voluntary intern opportunities in various cultural organisations and luxury corporations that have established links with Goldsmiths. The module provides a thorough understanding of the unique practices associated with successful luxury brand management. The module investigates the essence of luxury brand management and explores the differences between the premium, fashion and luxury strategies.

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In the contemporary luxury market companies have to be connected with customers in increasingly creative ways. This is a field of great flux as managers of mainstream brands are increasingly looking at entry into the premium level and managers of existing luxury brands try to tackle sections of the mass market. Thus luxury has to distinguish itself through distinctive approaches to retail, information technology and marketing. Luxury was once the preserve skilled artisans, often grouped in guilds, making goods to order for wealthy and aristocratic customers and patrons. The module examines the techniques and strategies used by luxury brand managers and developers to engage closely with their customers and to expand their customer base.

The strategies involved not only the design of material goods and intangible products, but the creative use of digital media, retail and marketing to connect closely with customers. This module provides a strategic perspective on the dynamic characteristics and opportunities associated with luxury brand management in a global context and examines the main forms of management in relation to the luxury goods and services industry. It introduces industry perspectives on luxury in relation to new venture creation and product development. It shows how as small firms grew the need for specialist managers became imperative and a sub-field of management known as luxury brand management came into being. It describes how theory and practice drawn from different sectors became synthesized in the context of luxury brand management.