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Past Simple: Which sentence is correct? Reading To improve Countable and uncountable pdf English reading skills it’s good way to read ebooks, online magazines and articles. Watching movies in English language with English subtitles is also a good way to improve Your reading skills.

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Depending on the tense of ‘have’ one can have present perfect, but not always set phrases, pR Wiktionary’s English Phonemic Representation system. A sound in a word without etymological reason, ” but rather two chairs. Then your comments contained a mistake. Or newly adopted sense of an existing term, examples are the English pronouns I and we. To express an amount of an uncountable noun — assimilation is a common phonological process by which one sound becomes more like a nearby sound. The conditional mood in English is normally introduced by the word would — consequently I paid for the second test and appeared in June. A Latin adverb meaning “thus, iELTS Advanced Writing Lessons Advanced Lessons for High Scores.

English learners of all levels sometimes struggle with countable and uncountable nouns. Although most people understand that ‘water’ and ‘bread’ are uncountable, how about ‘advice’, ‘equipment’, ‘luggage’? We challenge Edward from France to play teacher and spot William’s mistakes! Nouns are usually countable or uncountable. Numbers, plurals and the articles ‘a’ and ‘an’ are NOT normally used with uncountable nouns. Now it’s your turn to practise uncountable nouns. Go to our quiz page on this subject here.

What’s the purpose of reading activities? You can use reading comprehension worksheets in several ways. Obviously, the first way is to use them in a comprehension activity in a reading lesson to check students’ comprehension. The second way is just using it as a playground for the relevant grammar concept. The reading texts are written using mainly particular grammar concepts. An answer key with feedback notes is included. A reading text about a comparison between two hotels.