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Momus is a Scot who makes songs, books and art. He lives between Europe and Japan. Send Momus an email if you want to invite him to perform as Momus, as a David Bowie interpreter, or in an art context as an Unreliable Tour Guide or Emotional Lecturer. Momus makes a record every year.

Each release becomes a sort of barometer of the cultural and emotional weather around him, filtered through his own preoccupations. The record was released on September 20th, 2017. Scobberlotchers was Momus’ post-Brexit record, recorded in the summer of 2016 against a backdrop of resurgent and often racist populism. Just as in the genre of the post-breakup album, there’s a sense of anxiety, betrayal, and the apportioning of blame running through the record. Personal relationships are mapped to world events. References to figures as diverse as Ezra Pound, Henry Darger, Theresa May and Fernando Pessoa demonstrate Momus’s propensity to tackle more subject matter in an individual album than most groups achieve in their entire discography,” wrote Zachary Freeman.

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Released by Cherry Red in August 2016, Pubic Intellectual is a 3-CD, 30-year retrospective of the songs of Momus, chosen from his approximately thirty LPs by the artist himself, with a sleeve commissioned from his current designer, Hagen Verleger. A 16-page booklet contains sleevenotes written by Momus. We were “clever pop”, but the label, coming from any English person, is already a reproach. Don’t you know what happens to clever people? Read reviews of Pubic Intellectual here, check out the lyrics here, and order the box set here. Glyptothek is at once hilarious, heartbreaking and a bit scary, but sadly, it’s not likely to drag him out of obscurity.

The LP is now shipping via American Patchwork and streaming from various sites. Order in physical or digital formats here. Lyrics and videos can be found here. In early 2016 Momus published Black Letts Diary 1979, a journal of his first year at Aberdeen University, in the form of a free PDF. There’s a short introduction to the diary here. Popppappp is Momus’s latest novel to be published online by experimental publishing house Fiktion. Two designers are being held hostage in Syria by a religious group formed around the lyrics of Sark E.

Myth, the singer in post-punk group The Foul. Momus novel, now available online in various formats, in both English and German. Reviewing the novel, Berlin newspaper Taz compared Herr F to Scottish author James Hogg’s Memoirs and Confessions of a Justified Sinner, and noted how the book fuses “clever melancholy, Kafka, Klee and Freud together in a fantastic melange and adds high cultural references and abstruse ideas. Turpsycore is the 2015 album from Momus, named after Terpsichore, the ancient Greek muse of delight and dancing.

Released on March 3rd in a limited edition of 500 CDs, the album is a triple disc set: TURPSY features new Momus material, DYBBUK is covers of David Bowie songs, and HARVARD features Howard Devoto covers. The sleeve artwork for Turpsycore is by Hagen Verleger, the Berlin-based graphic designer. It has been nominated by the German Design Council for the 2016 German Design Award. You can order the record from Darla. This “picaresque sea adventure and clyster for the republic” proposes a world in which America has forfeited God’s love by becoming “a machine for creating unpleasant people”.

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