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Type or paste a DOI name into the text box. This article needs additional citations for verification. 29 states of India, located in the centre-east of the country. It is divine governance of the human kingdom pdf tenth-largest state in India, with an area of 135,198.

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The state was formed on 1 November 2000 by partitioning 10 Chhattisgarhi and 6 Gondi speaking southeastern districts of Madhya Pradesh. It is claimed that Chhattisgarh takes its name from the 36 ancient forts in the area. Another view, more popular with experts and historians, is that Chhattisgarh is the corrupted form of Chedisgarh which means Raj or “Empire of the Chedis”. The northern and southern parts of the state are hilly, while the central part is a fertile plain. The highest point in the state is the Gaurlata. In the north lies the edge of the great Indo-Gangetic plain.

The Rihand River, a tributary of the Ganges, drains this area. The central part of the state lies in the fertile upper basin of the Mahanadi river and its tributaries. This area has extensive rice cultivation. Odisha to the east by ranges of hills.

The natural beauty of Koriya in Chhattisgarh includes dense forests, mountains, rivers and waterfalls. Koriya was a princely state during the British rule in India. Koriya is also known for the rich mineral deposits. Coal is found in abundance in this part of the country. The dense forests are rich in wildlife. The Amrit Dhara Waterfall, Koriya’s main attraction, is a natural waterfall which originates from the Hasdo River.

The fall is situated at a distance of seven kilometres from Koriya. The waterfall is ideally located on the Manendragarh-Baikunthpur road. The Amrit Dhara Waterfall falls from a height of 27 m. The point where the water falls to the ground, a cloudy atmosphere is formed all around. The climate of Chhattisgarh is tropical. It is hot and humid because of its proximity to the Tropic of Cancer and its dependence on the monsoons for rains. The monsoon season is from late June to October and is a welcome respite from the heat.