Electrical transients in power systems pdf

Packaged air conditioners with air cooled condensers. C unit that are installed on top of the roof and can provide cooling and heating. The condensing unit and electrical transients in power systems pdf air handler reside inside a single housing.

In order to connect the unit to the inside duct work, an opening on the roof for supply and return air is necessary. The duct work distributes the air evenly through-out the space. Refrigerant lines for high and low pressure are run from the condensing unit to the air handler. You may also have multiple air handlers connected to one condensing unit in computer controlled split systems. They physically compress the vaporized refrigerant into a smaller volume and higher pressure, and include reciprocating, rotary, and scroll types. These deliver a constant volume of gas under a constant speed.

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They increase vaporized refrigerant pressure by the kinetic energy imparted on refrigerant by a rotating impeller. A centrifugal compressor is a dynamic compressor and is not a constant displacement type. Reciprocating compressors are driven by a motor and use pistons, cylinders and valves to compress the refrigerant. Reciprocating compressors are usually used in smaller systems up to 100 tons. With cooling capacity for one single unit about 10 ton but if more cooling capacity is needed, several hermetic motor-compressor can be installed in the same air conditioning unit. The smaller motors up to about 3 HP are usually of single phase design, while larger motors are invariably three phase.

In a hermetic unit the motor is located within the refrigerant atmosphere. Lubrication is also simplified since both the motor and the compressor operate in the same closed space with the oil. The shaft is shorter and more rigid, the bearing arrangement is simplified, the machine is quieter. They are not a field serviceable. Therefore, if a motor burns out in a hermitic compressor, or any other internal problem occurs, the maintenance trend is for a complete replacement of the unit. Otherwise, the entire unit must be returned to the shop or factory to be dismantled and reconditioned.