Exceptional children an introduction to special education pdf

Many years ago a Learning Disability instructor came exceptional children an introduction to special education pdf me with a problem. She said she just didn’t have time to read individually to all of her students.

She wanted me to design a device that could scan words and text, then clearly read them out loud. The power of their software to have a significant impact on a students learning is being played out by its huge growth in installations worldwide. If you are not familiar with their software please contact us for a demonstration. Our systems and Software solutions are designed to help students learn on their own. I invite you to learn more about our products. Imagine you or your student needs assistance with reading or writing.

The Scan-A-Page System will work with any application installed on this computer. Natural sounding voices: The leading edge in Text to Speech technology. Words Highlighted: The words that are spoken are highlighted as they are spoken out loud, PDF documents as well. Easy to Install: 20 minute installation, plus we provide free training and tips. Positive feeback: By utilizing visual and auditory senses, students pay more attention and enjoy learning on their own without assistance.

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