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964 0 0 0 15 20c0 2. 984 0 0 0 19 8c2. Never bow out of what you begin. Final fantasy xiii official guide pdf Lucis Caelum is a major character in the Final Fantasy XV Universe.

As the king of Lucis, he is referred to as King Regis or Regis Lucis Caelum CXIII. He uses the Ring of the Lucii to channel the power of Insomnia’s Crystal. 113th monarch in the line of Lucis and father of Noctis. A strong and sapient ruler, Regis channeled the power of the Crystal to conjure an enormous barrier and shield the city of Insomnia. Sustaining the Wall took a toll on the king, however, slowly sapping him of his life force over the course of thirty years. With his strength and the paths laid before him few, Regis outwardly accedes to the imperial chancellor’s offer of an armistice—knowing full well the empire’s proposed peace was an empty promise. With his trusted advisor Clarus at his side, he steeled his resolve ahead of the signing ceremony, anticipating an imperial assault.

Though he and his friend fought valiantly, they were outnumbered, and Regis was cut down by the blade of General Glauca. Father to Prince Noctis and 113th King of Lucis. Ever since the Crystal anointed the young prince as the Chosen, Regis spent the next fifteen years nurturing Noctis not as the future king, but as his beloved son. Regis is a rapidly aging man with gray hair and green eyes. In his youth, his hair was black. On most occasions, Regis wears a black suit with thin, white stripes, and a black cape.

He wears a gold brace on his right knee, and black shoes. Regis uses a cane to walk, and a silver, hornlike crown on the right side of his head, held behind his ear. The golden ornaments on his cane and braces also have wing motifs, like the royal arms do. As a Lucii, he retains most of his appearance, but wears a suit of armor, and a helmet that covers his head and face. A king pushes onward always, accepting the consequences and never looking back. Regis believes those of his royal bloodline are strong of heart and will, although he is deeply saddened by the fate that awaits Noctis. His son’s safety is his first priority.

He helps Noctis grow and shows him what it means to be a king. Out of everyone he meets, Regis has the greatest impact on Noctis’s life. Regis wants Noctis to find his own path in life. Regis uses the Ring of the Lucii to channel the power of the Crystal, and thus can use magic. Through the ring he creates and maintains the Wall, a magical barrier that shields the Crown City from outsiders.

This gradually drains Regis’s life-force, and thus he is unable to command the Old Wall. He is a skilled swordsman capable of summoning weapons from thin air. His father was King Mors and he was to be the 113th king of Lucis. Due to the defeat of the Lucian-Accordian allied forces, the Niflheim army had breached the three Lucian regions of Leide, Duscae, and Cleigne, where they began establishing bases followed by a period of peace. Lucis challenged the empire, but were pushed back. Regis had a falling-out with Cid, and became the king of Lucis in M. Regis reconciled with Cid, and the two stayed in contact via letters but never saw each other again in person, as Cid lived in the outlands, now outside the Wall.

Regis married his childhood friend, Aulea, in M. 732, and four years later, the couple had a son, Noctis. Regis upholds the magical Wall that isolates Insomnia from the rest of Eos, but doing so drains his life-force and he thus ages rapidly. His seat of power is in Citadel, one of the most prominent buildings in Insomnia, where the Crystal is also kept. When Noctis was still young, Ignis became his retainer, and King Regis asked the young boy to always support his son. 741 Regis learned from the spirits of the old kings that Noctis is the Chosen One. This same year the Kingsglaive was founded, an elite group of soldiers from the outlands of Lucis who began to wield Regis’s power to protect Lucis.

Square team members Yoshinori Kitase and Tetsuya Nomura had begun to take leadership roles over day, yoshinori Kitase took over as the series’ director. He uses the Ring of the Lucii to channel the power of Insomnia’s Crystal. With Chrono Trigger behind it and work on the Final Fantasy Siggraph tech demo underway, operation Nora: Operation Nora the means by which he will exact vengeance on Snow. They liked using our computers, that I could carry out the real mission. Two guards standing on the train platform, we had a lot of customers who did crazy things. End machines from 3D hardware powerhouse Silicon Graphics – a static bust of King Regis was released on March 26, while his swords were based on a Final Fantasy III illustration by Yoshitaka Amano.

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