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Blizzard sneakily announced a short Competitive 6 vs. 6 Elimination season for Overwatch’s arcade mode, which lasts until 7th May. First team to win three times — that is, eliminate the enemy team — wins. Once a player wins with a hero, that hero is locked for the remaining rounds. A few extra months to wait. It’s called Castlevania: Grimoire of Souls and going into closed beta in Japan.

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We went truffle-hunting to find some gems you might not know about. Watch for what this AI has to say. Step Inside The Forest of Liars: Check out the artwork from an upcoming adventure game inspired by both American and Japanese animation. This new character looks Falke-ing cool. Shenmue shuns porting in time skip options. This weekend, a fighting game tournament played host to a physical board game known as Crossfire. Today on Highlight Reel we have impressive outpost captures, nautical glitches, sad graves, and much more!