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Exercises The ebook Low Self Esteem – How to Deal with It provides a practical, easy to use guide improving self confidence pdf overcoming self esteem difficulties, improving the way you think and feel about yourself and increasing your confidence. Ways in which you can learn to value yourself and your unique worth.

The affirmations helped me initially to make me look at myself in a more positive way and be aware of my achievements and qualities. Giving my Project Plan a name which pinpointed how I needed to direct my efforts was really helpful. I wanted and on how to achieve them. My friends had got used to expecting me to be emotional and rant and are quite surprised by the new Sonia! I’ve let go a bit now and found that it gives me more control and I feel much more relaxed I am happier with myself now and my relationship is way better than it was.

My mind was all over the place with contradicting emotionsI was very confused about my relationship. I am more aware of my positive traits James and I are making more of an effort in our relationship and I am also exercising more. I am more able to look at the positive aspects of my own character and my future. I know that I can achieve my goals. Thank you for the exercises and forms. They have helped me a lot.

I bought the book for my coaching practice a week or so ago. It is very well laid out and I find the sections and instructions clear. I have been planning to send an email to you and thank you for all your professional work and the newsletters. About 18 months ago I ordered the Self-Esteem Book which made a big difference in my life. I worked through the exercises and managed to transform the way I see myself, my mistakes and achievements. I appreciate the compassionate but creative approach you take when addressing your readers and their issues. Self esteem is the respect that you have or don’t have for yourself.

It relates to the way you think of and value yourself and your worth. Low self esteem involves having a negative opinion of yourself and your abilities whereas if you have high self esteem you feel that you have a vauluable contribution to make to the lives of others and to the situations you find yourself in. Low self esteem involves your perception of yourself. Often it may also involve a perception of the way others think of you or your abilities which is over-negative. You may tend to think of yourself as useless or worthless and imagine that others see you that way, when actually they value you and your opinion.

The Essence of Low Self Esteem The key to understanding low self esteem is learning how to deal with and prevent the negative thoughts and self perceptions which create and reinforce your belief that in some way you are not good enough. Low Self Esteem and Limiting Beliefs Limiting beliefs are general beliefs that you hold, whether stated or not which limit your ability to achieve what you want to. Low Self Esteem – How to Deal with It contains a unique explanation of how limiting beliefs can create and reinforce self esteem problems. Change or modify your own limiting beliefs in a practical way to start to turn around your self esteem for the better. Low Self Esteem and CBT CBT stands for ‘Cognitive Behavioural Therapy’ – a set of practical techniques which help you to deal with negative or distorted ‘cognitions’ or thoughts.

The cognitive aspect of CBT is extremely helpful in helping people with low self esteem whose difficulties relate to thoughts about themselves which are inaccurate and overly negative. Simple explanations of how to use cognitive techniques to overcome self esteem are at the heart of the self help ebook Low Self Esteem – How to Deal with It. The part played by self critical thoughts in reinforcing a negative self image and how to use Balancing Thoughts in particular situations to help deal with your tendency to self critical thoughts. Contents of Low Self Esteem – How to Deal with It The book is divided into several sections covering different aspects of how to deal with and change the negative thoughts that underpin your low self esteem and reinforce your negtive perception of yourself. In each section you are given Exercises to work through, to develop the practical techniques needed to start to improve your thoughts and feelings about yourself. Section 1: What is Self Esteem?

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