Introduction to basic manufacturing processes and workshop technology pdf

Please forward this error screen to 158. 16 hours hands-on seminar on continuous OSD introduction to basic manufacturing processes and workshop technology pdf processing. First PRACTICAL Pharma workshop on Continuous Wet Granulation and Direct Compression process lines Sign up now: Only limited number of participants possible! This workshop is the perfect investment for those who wish to acquire practical knowledge of continuous manufacturing processes for the pharmaceutical industry.

Typically, researchers, engineers and operators from the pharmaceutical and related industries will get the most out of this workshop. However, the workshop is also perfectly suitable for those who are operating in batch today and will, intend, or consider in the future producing products on continuous processors. This fee includes participation, accompanying course notes, daytime catering and dinner. Free attendance granted to a limited number of students. General experience and the way Forward in continuous manufacturing.

Background, challenges and first experience presented by an end user. Outlook where the continuous manufacturing journey will bring the pharmaceutical industry. Includes residence time considerations and their impact on product traceability. Detailed introduction of the wet granulation by twin screw extruder followed by continuous fluid bed technology for drying and final homogenisation in a dry mill. Similar overview is provided for direct compression: feeding, dry mixing, and tabletting. This chapter is the preparartion for the practical session.

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Many companies know the TSG for hot melt application. For continuous wet granulation there are several design and operational considerations to be taken to use the very versatile extruder for this process. Inline particle size monitoring by 3D imaging technology. Continuous on-line measurement of particle size and distribution. Inline moisture measurement with microwave technology.

Moisture measurement in fluid bed drying and other pharmaceutical applications by the microwave resonance technology. PAT in a Continuous Direct Compression Line. Tablet quality control in a Direct Compression line can be achieved by an at-line NIR sensor implemented in a tablet tester and an in-line NIR probe directly attached to the turret of a press. Both systems will be explained in detail.

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