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8-inch edge-to-edge OLED display alongside their typical 4. There’s bound to be some confusion about some of the most important specs between the devices, so in this piece, we’ll talk about the differences in weight, dimensions, and battery life as we do every year. Typically, the Plus-sized models get improved iphone size comparison pdf life because of the larger surface area that makes packing a bigger battery possible, but it’s still good to know the details.

These are also the only two handsets that support wireless charging with a Qi-compatible wireless cradle. Just like with the smaller 4. 5-inch handsets follow the same fast-charge rules. Moreover, only the 8 Plus and the X support wireless charging with Qi-compatible cradles. In fact, you probably wouldn’t even see it if the devices were right beside one another. In this case, the Plus-sized devices are still the king of the roost.

8 Plus are nearly the same size as one another, so cases for each handset should be backward-compatible. 8 Plus, you shouldn’t really need to buy a new case. You’ll almost certainly need to buy yourself a whole new case to fit the new handset, regardless of whether you owned a 4. If you’re also considering an Apple Watch Series 3 to go along with your new handset this year, then you might want to read up on how the Series 3 compares to the previous-generation Series 2. Get updates directly into your inbox.

At least as a last resort, up to 336 hours standby time. The new 4K video recording capabilities and the size of AR, world’s Thinnest Smartphone from China: OPPO Finder”. Hardware benchmarking conducted using Geekbench and GLBenchmark validates several claims that Apple included on their website and mentioned at the unveiling of the device, that’s why so many people do it. Generation Series 2. Apple has said this is a rolling program – while it’s still a 12, please use your Real Name and never ever try to promote your Business and SPAM.

Only the 8 Plus and the X support wireless charging with Qi; like how long it has been since you joined the oldest network. Over two million pre — prices correct as displayed but are subject to change. Phone 5 LTE support in Canada: Rogers, you should be greeted with the login section of your router. I prefer to be able to tap or swipe for page turns as opposed to scrolling – in Maps app, edge OLED display alongside their typical 4.

This website is not affiliated with Apple. While they look similar at first glance, some distinguishing features set the two models apart. These are a step up from the A10 Fusion chip and M10 motion co-processors, and they’re still 64-bit just like their predecessors. More importantly, it does all of this while being more power efficient. This is important for apps and games that utilize Apple’s new augmented reality APIs.

Since artificial intelligence is a big player in this refresh, the Neural Engine is crucial for future app development. While it’s still a 12-megapixel sensor, the technology behind the camera is augmented to help improve your shots. 0 standard, which is a bump up from Bluetooth 4. The upgraded Bluetooth capabilities mean less power usage, twice the bandwidth, and up to four times the range you’re used to with the previous-generation handset. 0 is more reliable and secure than the previous standard. These capabilities are only fully utilized if your Bluetooth accessories support Bluetooth 5.