Iso 2768 c pdf

The parts are shafts and couplings and have to fit bearings so I know some of iso 2768 c pdf tolerances are going to be plus and some are minus. Could anyone offer a simpler explaination of what I am seeing. One of the external shafts has a f9 while most of the other shafts have a h9 or h6.

A keyway has a N9 and the internal keyway has a j59. One of the internal bores has a M6. Most of the tolerances use lower case but some are upper case, I dont know if that makes a difference or not. Anyone know of a source for a simpler explaination of these that is in english? The internal bore with M6 sounds like it`s threaded M6 x 1.

Are the other tolerances not in Machinery Handbook? A bearing catalog will have a table with the tolerances. Basically, a small letter is the tolerance for a shaft and a captial letter is the tolerance for the hole. The M6 is the tolerance for that bore and is not a thread designation. 1000 is the tolerance in mm. 6 is for a schaft for example 25. Thank you for that link, it doesnt offer everything I need but it does come closer than I had gotten by myself.

I do have a shaft dimention that is not on the chart, it is for an OD 12mm h9. The chart skips over h9 for some reason. 009 if I read the chart correctly. 000 It would pay to check that with one of the other members. This link often gets put up with questions about ISO tolerance.