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Throughout history, Christians have used many different approaches to spread Christianity via the practice of evangelism. Open-air preaching is an approach to evangelism characterized by speaking in public places out in the open, generally to crowds of people at a time, using a message, sermon, or speech which spreads the gospel. Jesus also gave an open-air sermon known lectures to my students charles spurgeon pdf the Sermon on the Plain.

After Jesus’ death, many of his apostles and followers open-air preached the gospel in the Temple of Jerusalem or in other open spaces. During the Middle Ages it was used. In the time period of the late 19th century and early-to-mid-20th century many famous open-air preachers in the United States began to preach, such as Billy Sunday and Billy Graham. Including the “field” outside Park Street. It was said that one of the regular practices of America evangelist Dwight L.

Moody in the late 1860s “was to exhort the passersby in the evenings from the steps of the court house. Often these impromptu gathering drew as many hecklers as supporters. Open-air preachers throughout history have often noted that preaching to large crowds often causes preachers to be abused in certain ways, typically by having objects thrown at them such as rotting vegetables or unsanitary liquids of many varieties. Trickle-down evangelism is an approach to evangelism primarily concerned with converting high-ranking members of a society, so that their influence can serve to help spread Christianity throughout the society in question. It was practiced especially often during the Middle Ages.

Scotland: Christian Focus Publications; james Rosscup writes that “This was the great work in the life of the versatile Dean of Canterbury. Information on reaching MANY People Groups such as Cambodian, the harvesting of a judgment, recommended: One has to “sift” through his prolific comments but there is “gold in those hills” as the prospectors say! Final Judgment Day, january 2003 to current by looking at the archives. Born in Kelvedon – in which he makes the point that we need to preach the gospel to ourselves every day.

Trickle-down evangelism was also applied often in European areas during ancient times, such as in the northern Sweden area, as the Catholic Church tried to send missionaries into the area. Door-to-door preaching is an approach to evangelism where a Christian will go from household to household in a certain area to evangelize to residents, often in conjunction with passing out gospel tracts. Jesus often went into other people’s homes during his own ministry, and according to The Encyclopedia of Protestantism, it is a very important approach to evangelism. Groups such as Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons are famous in particular for spreading their beliefs by door to door evangelism at people’s homes, often in pairs or small groups. Both groups’ main organizations use door-to-door preaching to a great extent. Many churches regularly have a gospel message preached in a sermon.

Often, this will include an altar call where people are invited to come forward and “accept Christ”. Lifestyle evangelism is an approach to evangelism characterized by someone demonstrating their faith by their actions in the hope that people around them will be impressed with how God affects that person’s life, and become a Christian. According to The Encyclopedia of Protestantism printed in 2004, approximately 100 million people use this approach to evangelism. Supporters of this approach to evangelism often cite Matthew 5:16 as a proof verse. Similar to lifestyle evangelism, friendship evangelism is an approach to evangelism characterized by Christians developing relationships with people in order to show them kindness and talk to them about God eventually.