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Please forward this error screen maryland judiciary employment application pdf 63. Federal Court System in the U. This site is maintained by the Administrative Office of the U. Courts on behalf of the Federal Judiciary.

The purpose of this site is to provide information from and about the Judicial Branch of the U. Federal Court System in the U. This report covers intercepts concluded between January 1, 2013, and December 31, 2013, and provides supplementary information on arrests and convictions resulting from intercepts concluded in prior years. Table 1 shows that a total of 28 jurisdictions reported using at least one of these types of surveillance as an investigative tool during 2013.

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A total of 3,576 wiretaps were reported as authorized in 2013, with 1,476 authorized by federal judges and 2,100 authorized by state judges. Compared to the applications approved during 2012, the number approved by federal judges increased 9 percent in 2013, and the number approved by state judges rose 3 percent. Applications in California, New York, Nevada, New Jersey, Georgia, and Florida accounted for 80 percent of all applications approved by state judges. Eighty federal jurisdictions submitted reports for 2013.