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Please forward this error screen to 162. Please forward this error screen to 198. Many times I neville goddard power of awareness pdf heard someone say: “I believe that imagining creates reality, but I once imagined something and it never came to pass.

Then I ask: “What are you doing, saying: ‘I once imagined it’ and not imagining it now? For God’s name is I Am, not I did! Always thinking of God as someone outside of himself, man finds it difficult to keep the tense, but God is the human imagination and there is no other God. When you imagine you may include others, but do not think in terms of influence.

Rather, think only in terms of clarity of form. Perhaps a friend would like a better job, more money, and greater responsibility. Before you imagine, take a moment and clarify the form your imaginal act will take. Are you giving the celebration party or is he? Fill the room with those who would want to share in the celebration. Raise your glass and say: “Here’s to your fabulous new job, your salary increase, and the challenge of your greater responsibility! The law, to be effective, needs feeling with form.

Build a structure that would imply your desire is already fulfilled, and enter its form with feeling. You do not have to be concerned about influencing others, as they are not the cause – your imaginal act is! Those who have a billion dollars are not causing your world. You and you alone are doing it, as your imaginal acts influence people.

Everyone is yourself pushed out, so when you imagine, you are influencing yourself! Knowing what you want, place your attention on its clarity of form, and then watch what you are imagining. Are you remembering when you imagined something greater than what you have? If so, you are confessing you are not now imagining your desire fulfilled. If imagining creates reality, you must change your memory and become aware of what you are imagining right now.

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Let me now tell you of a series of dreams I received from a friend. The series began one night when she found herself with a group of children, trying to find something that was lost. The next night she found herself moving as if on wheels, with everything she sees moving with her. This is not what I want. The following night, she felt herself walking with an enormous crowd across fields, on roads, and sidewalks.

She went up hills and down stairs, attending my lectures in many places. Listening attentively, she was thrilled to hear the revelations which were being shared. The next night she entered an expansive white house, which she knew her father had built. All of the rooms were empty, except the one in which I was teaching and the adjacent room where her father was. Don’t forget this aspect of the dream, as the father is unseen. Addressing all of my remarks to her, she is filled with joy. And that means, O my darling.

My friend heard and saw correctly, for my name is Friday, as I am the God of love. But in vision, love is man. I am one with that one body, one Spirit, one Lord, one God and Father of all. Anyone who is incorporated into the body of love is yachid, and called my darling. Everyone incorporated into that one body is unique and the only one, for there is only one body, only one Spirit, only one Lord, only one God and Father of us all.

On this level no one sees that body, but she saw it in the spirit and brought the memory of the experience back with her. In the ivy-covered walls I instructed others, but in the white house there was only one door to the room occupied by her unseen father and where I spoke to her alone. Now a dream is egocentric, with every aspect of it taking place in the individual. Although the dream unfolds in one, that one contains all. In her dream the father is unseen, but projects himself into the teacher – who tells her that her father is the God of love. Repent and believe in the gospel. Repentance, which is a radical change of attitude, can cause your powerful imagination to burst through this world of death.