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Please forward this error screen to 216. Please forward this error screen to 216. The basic configuration of a hybrid coupler is shown in Figure 1 which illustrates two cross-over transmission lines over a length of one-quarter wavelength, corresponding with the center frequency of operation. Reflections from mismatches sent back to the output ports will flow directly to the ISO port or cancel at the input.

This is why hybrids are so widely used to split high power signals in applications where unwanted reflections could easily damage the driver device. It also makes no difference which port is the input because the relationship at the outputs remains the same as these devices are electrically and mechanically symmetrical. An additional benefit of the hybrid ring is to alternately provide equally-split but 180 degree phase-shifted output signals. The low loss, airline construction also makes the device a perfect choice for combining high power mixed signals. Figure 2 shows all four possible port configurations and the resultant phase relationships at the outputs of the device. Again, it makes no difference which port is the input because the device is electrically and mechanically symmetrical.