Principles of marketing philip kotler 16th edition pdf

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Representative, reproducible, and practical benchmarking of file and storage systems. PhD thesis, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2009. Software engineering projects may fail before they are started: Post-mortem analysis of five cancelled projects. On the classification of cyclic dependencies in Java programs. Iyer, Zbigniew Kalbarczyk, and Jai Raman. Analysis of safety-critical computer failures in medical devices. Nasir Ali, Zohreh Sharafi, Yann-Gaël Guéhéneuc, and Giuliano Antoniol.

An empirical study on requirements traceability using eye-tracking. A preliminary analysis of vulnerability scores for attacks in wild: The EKITS and SYM datasets. The reliability of statistical functions in four software packages freely used in numerical computation. On the numerical accuracy of spreadsheets.

The learning curve in solving a jig-saw puzzle: A teaching device. Effects of interruption length on procedural errors. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Applied, ? PhD thesis, Carnegie Mellon University, August 1996. Functional decay of memory for tasks.

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Javad Mohammadian Amiri and Venkata Vinod Kumar Padmanabhuni. A comprehensive evaluation of conversion approaches for different function points. Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, September 2011. The state of cheating in Android benchmarks. Variability and reproducibility in software engineering: A study of four companies that developed the same system.

Byrne, Scott Douglass, Christian Lebiere, and Yulin Qin. An integrated theory of the mind. Neural reuse: A fundamental organizational principle of the brain. 29th Société Universitaire Européene de Recherches Financiéres Colloquium, May 2011. Exploring the missing link: an empirical study of software fixes. Subjective rating scales: science or art?

Factors influencing the use of a decision rule in a probabilistic task. Nonparametric goodness-of-fit tests for discrete null distributions. Ashish Arora, Ramayya Krishnan, Rahul Telang, and Yubao Yang. An empirical analysis of software vendors’ patch release behavior: Impact of vulnerability disclosure. Studies of independence and conformity: A minority of one against a unanimous majority.

Inventor perseverance after being told to quit: The role of cognitive biases. Software development: Why the traditional contract model is not fit for purpose. Pierre Azoulay, Christian Fons-Rosen, and Joshua S. Does science advance one funeral at a time?