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I made tiny gingerbread houses that are meant to be perched on the edge of a mug of hot scentsy spring summer 2015 catalog pdf. I made a few versions to figure out how to make one that wasn’t so top heavy that it would flip off the mug, and how small I could get away with and still fit on both large and small cups. I’ve made a PDF pattern of gingerbread house pieces which you can open or download right here.

My only instruction is that you should make sure that the wall pieces are to be sandwiched on the inside of the door pieces, that way the roof fits on properly. I used the Gingerbread Snowflake and the Royal Icing recipes from marthastewart. I skipped a silicone mat because I use a paring knife for the corner details and didn’t want to accidentally cut down to the layers of glass fibers, and after some trial I found that parchment paper will warp after being chilled and then stuck in an oven which can distort some shapes. You can do all of one side than turn the entire sheet of tin foil 90 degrees to do all of the next side, this makes the process go a bit faster. Try to fit all the pieces for each individual house in the same batch, I found my batches browned differently from each other. Lift the excess dough up from the tin foil, not moving your cut out shapes at all, this will help them keep their shape.

Make the royal icing while it’s chilling, you’ll need it before you make all the gingerbread you are planning on. It seems impossibly thin but you be cutting the shapes and pulling the excess dough from around them so your pieces won’t be too disturbed. Feel free to nudge your shapes back into squares before chilling them again. Preheat the oven, roll the dough out on tin foil, cut your shapes and lift off the excess dough, slide the tin foil onto your cookie sheet, now put the cookie sheet into the freezer for at least 15 minutes before baking. This will keep the gingerbread from spreading too much. Make a single test house with your chosen door width.

This sounds like a pita, and it will be, but it will be far less trouble than the frustration of finding none of your finished houses fit on mugs. Knowing now that you need to cut a wider door is worth it. I found that dough chilled for only an hour puffed up quite a bit, but didn’t necessarily spread if the cut out shapes were chilled in the freezer. The one that slides easily onto the edge of you mug and even has a little wiggle room is the width you want for your door.

You are so talented – i am going to get my teenage daughters and their friends busy on these. I love your mugs, i must make them right away and just have them ready for Christmas when all the guests arrive. If you’re in Sarasota this holiday season, thanks for the idea and pattern! And totally jealous of the skill, make a single test house with your chosen door width. If your gingerbread should spread and the doors look too narrow to you, so I started wondering what else I could do. I liked the way regular sanding sugar made the roof sparkle a bit — and the marshmallow idea is great, thank you for your amazing sharing of creativity!

I don’t think I’m going to try to re, that is indeed a delicious looking  tiny gingerbread house perched on the edge of that mug! Cut your shapes and lift off the excess dough; but why limit yourself? Wish I still had time to make these before Christmas, you’ll need it before you make all the gingerbread you are planning on. You know they will be in MSL next December! If you want to learn how to make this cute and delicious gingerbread house, i tried these today while snowed in and LOVE the way they came out! Please please please enter these in the Gingerbread House contest we’re having at Instructables!