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Essay Writing Guide Struggling with an assignment? Skeletal system study guide pdf does the skeletal system help Sports performance?

How does the skeletal system help . The skeletal system plays a very important part to helping sporting performance. It acts as a framework for muscle attachment and some bones protect vital organs, e. Other bones produce red and white blood cells. The Skeletal system also supports the body and determines shape. There are 4 different types of bones. The diagram on the left shows the bones in the body, which will give you a visual example of the long, short, flat and irregular bones.

Also, there are several different joints that join two or more bones together. However, there are joints called Synovial joints, which differ, from normal joints. A Synovial joint is lubricated with a clear blood plasma from the capillaries and filtered through a membrane around it. Then, push the ball away from you, stepping forward with the foot that was once behind, to create more power when pushing the ball through. Keeping your elbows close to your body, push through with the ball. As you release the ball, straighten your arms and fingers. Keep your wrists pointed upwards to help fully extend your arms.

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