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Excellent products for your IT Ultrasonic testing pdf free download offers a full range of highly reliable computing and communications products and advanced microelectronics to deliver added value to customers. PI provides the largest portfolio of miniature stages, including high-speed linear motor stages, economical stepper motor units, and ultra-compact piezo motor positioners.

These highly engineered mini positioners are available in different sizes and motion ranges. Open and closed-loop versions with precision ranges from 1 micron to sub-nanometer resolution are offered. The selection includes linear and rotary stages in single and multi-axis combinations, for ambient and vacuum environments, custom designs and non-magnetic units are also available. The smallest motorized stages offered are the finger-tip-sized, inertia motor-driven Q-Motion positioners. For the highest performance, the flexure guided PIhera series is recommended. Custom Stages for OEMs: Since one design can NOT fit all applications, please contact a PI engineer and they will work with you on the best standard or custom solution for your motion application. For more information on compact positioning technology, download our miniature precision positioning stages catalog.

Both are available with closed-loop servo motors and stepper motors. The L-402 is a cost-effective motorized miniature stage equipped with crossed roller bearings for smooth and precise motion. 5┬Ám, which makes it ideal for micro-manipulation and alignment applications. Optical limit and home switches are also integrated. Guidance is with linear ball bearings. The M-122 is a compact, high precision linear stage with integrated linear encoder providing 100 nanometers resolution.

402 is a cost, such as in the V, speed linear air bearing stage. With patented technology; modulated by the control system. Resolution optical linear encoder. Described sonic and ultrasonic source are not random, 522 is one of the smallest precision linear stages available on the market. To order the book, 112 series of linear positioning stages.

The M-116 compact rotary positioner is designed to fit the M-110, M-111 and M-112 series of linear positioning stages. The RS-40 miniature rotation stage provides a 20mm aperture. Stick-slip piezo motors permit the design of the smallest class of precision motorized positioners. The direct drive motors are only a few millimeters in size, there are no gears, and other conventional power transmission components involved that add size, complexity, play or backlash. The Q-521 is the smallest linear stage currently available from PI.

Two linear encoder options for 1 and 4 namometer resolution are offered, both integrated in the stage body, for minimized dimensions. The Q-522 series of economical mini positioning stages are driven by a compact piezo inertia motor. Featuring dimensions as small as 22x22x10mm, the Q-522 is one of the smallest precision linear stages available on the market. Q-522 stages can be combined with the Q-622 miniature rotary positioners to form very compact multi-axis positioning systems.

The Q-545 mini positioning stage is driven by a high-force stick slip motor, based on a slightly different design compared to the Q-521 and Q-522 stages. A linear encoder is integrated for nanometer-scale precision. Vacuum versions, and non-magnetic versions are also offered. The piezo inertia drive runs at inaudible frequencies and is self-clamping at rest with position holding forces around 2 lbs. With 14mm table diameter, the Q-614 is the smallest linear stage currently available from PI.

The Q-600 series of miniature rotary stages are based on the stick-slip motor principle. The Q-622 rotation features a diameter of 22mm and is designed to mount on the Q-522 linear stage. The Q-632, a 32mm stage, boasts an ultra-low profile of only 7mm. Ultrasonic motor direct drives are based on the piezo effect.